Busy day at the insect hotel

Hochbetrieb im InsektenhotelA few years ago I received a small insect hotel as a gift. Since then it is located on my balcony in a dry and sunny place and waits for guests. As soon as there are the first warm days after winter, they are not long in coming and there is a lively coming and going all day. This year for the first time I had the idea to try out the slow motion function of my cell phone and this video was created. Especially the sound I find totally funny :-)

I would never have thought that in the middle of the city so many wild bees are on the move and looking for a suitable place for their offspring. Unfortunately, I do not know how many bees then really hatch and I could never observe it live. But many of the walled entrances are now open again, so I hope that many little wild bees have hatched.

By the way, an insect hotel like this doesn't do any work at all. So if you have a little sheltered spot free on the balcony or terrace, wouldn't that be a fine thing? You don't have to be afraid, because wild bees are totally peaceful animals. For me, the monotonous buzzing on the balcony is one of the first signals that winter is finally over and spring will not be long in coming. Especially after the rather cold winter this year, it was a very nice feeling.

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