Duty to inform according to §5 E-Commerce Act, §14 Company Code or §63 Trade Regulation Act and duty to disclose according to §25 Media Act

Company data
Company name: Harald Josef Kreuzer
Company name (self-selected): Harald Kreuzer
Address: Arnethgasse 11/3/11, 1160 Wien
Phone: +43 (0) 699 11669933
Authority according to ECG (E-Commerce Act): Municipal District Office of the XVIth District
Legal form: sole proprietor

Disclosure according to §25 Media Act
Media owner: Harald Kreuzer
Registered office (place of principal place of business): Arnethgasse 11/3/11, 1160 Wien
Business purpose: Professional photographer

Member of Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Section​​​​​​​Professional Photographers

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