Acrylic rings for the Raspberry Pi clock

It's been a few months now since the Zyklochron was finished. Since then, the clock has been turning merrily along. At that time it was already clear to me that the wooden rings are only a temporary solution.  Therefore, I wrote to several companies in the last weeks and asked if they could make rings with these dimensions for me. A company from Linz finally answered and made me an offer. I was thrilled, even though the price was not exactly cheap. But now I had already put so much energy into this project that I didn't want to say no, and besides, it's a custom-made product, which just has its price. After just under three weeks, the rings were delivered.

Acrylringe für die Raspberry Pi Uhr

Finally beautiful rings for the watch! Perfectly polished and a real eye-catcher. Only the holes for the hands were quite crooked. But that was solvable with an appropriate correction of the hands. 

Now there was a second issue. The rings are milled from a plate and I was told beforehand that these plates have a certain inaccuracy in their thickness. And so it was. The rollers are designed for exactly 30 mm, which also fit with the wooden rings. But the acrylic rings are sometimes a few millimeters wider. Accordingly, I had to widen the rollers a bit. Theoretically, the rings should now run perfectly. Unfortunately, however, the rings sometimes touched at the top edge. That is, the milling of the rings is not exactly 90°. The simple solution was to increase the distance between the rollers a bit. 

This solved all the problems. Since the rollers are now wider, I also had to reprint the housing. At the same time, I also revised the design a bit.

Gehäuse der Raspberry Pi Uhr

With this, the watch has finally reached the status that I would call finished. Which does not mean that improvements could not still be made. I would still like to have rings made of noble wood or aluminum. But even so, it looks quite nice on the shelf now. I will work on the electronics later to replace the purchased components with a self-designed circuit. 

Finally two photos of the Raspberry clock. I think all the work was worth it. 

Die Raspberry Pi Uhr mit Acryl Ringen vor hellem Hintergrund

Die Raspberry Pi Uhr mit Acryl Ringen vor dunklem Hintergrund

And this is how the clock looks in its final place in my living room.

Raspberry Pi Uhr im Wohnzimmer

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